Beaverton Special Events

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Give Brock's Big Bite rain and they will turn it into rainbows!

Last minute change of plans sent our annual street festival indoors at the Beaverton arena where we stayed nice and dry (once inside that is) in spite of the torrential rains. The turnout was awesome!
huge thank you to all the volunteers, the vendors who helped make this such a success, the entertainers and the firefighters for the bouncy fire truck!
Big Bite is, of course, a food festival and we owe a HUGE thank you to the Beaverton Legion for providing this year's meal. It was great and we look forward to working with them again.
I am sure I have forgotten someone important, just let me say that if you had anything to do with the festival at any level, we are truly grateful.


To serve up P.I.E to Beaverton residents.​




​Our Mandate.

Promote, Inspire, Enable

​To celebrate our past,our heritage and our community by promoting, organizing and participating in a variety of year long activities in co-operation with community volunteer groups, businesses, local government and Beavertonians of all ages, cultures and abilities.


Learn about some of our special annual events as well as other short term initiatives taking place. See what Beaverton Special Events is all about and follow some of the links to other events and services in our lovely town.

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